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Wholesale Fuel Sales & Delivery

DEF Sales & Delivery

Fuel Hauling

24/7 loading and delivery

Hauling Capacity: 8,610 NL / 7,550 ULSD

Pulling from terminals located in:

  • St Louis, MO
  • Hartford, IL
  • Cahokia, IL
  • Jefferson City, MO
  • Columbia, MO
  • Palmyra, MO
  • Scott City, MO

Tank Wagon Hauling

Tank Wagon Trailers Available

  • Hauls: No Lead, Premium, Diesel, & Turbo Blue
  • Max: 5000 gallons
  • Customers: Farmers, Landscapers, Small C-Store, Etc.
  • Smaller truck to get into smaller spaces
  • Serving Lincoln, Warren, St. Charles, Franklin, St. Louis, Jefferson, Gasconade, Montgomery, and Calloway counties.
  • Contract pricing for one year available

We supply farm fuel fanks.  If you need a tank, call us today!

DEF Hauling

DEF Trailers Available

24/7 Loading and Delivery

  • Max: 5,000 Gallons
  • Customers: C-Stores, Truck Stops, Farmers, Bulk Plants

We can supply the product or move yours!

Propane Hauling

Propane Trailers Available

24/7 Loading and Delivery

  • Max: 9600 Gallons
  • Customers: Farmers, Bulk Plants, C-Stores, Truck Stops

We can supply the product or move yours!

NH3 Hauling

Anhydrous – NH3 Trailers Available

24/7 Loading and Delivery

  • Max: 22 Tons
  • Customers: Farmers & Bulk Plants

We can supply the product or move yours!


Flatbed and Step Deck Trailers Available

  • Max Weight: 52,000 lbs
  • Flatbed dimensions – 48ft long x 8ft wide
  • Step Deck dimensions
    • Upper deck – 16 ft
    • Lower deck – 35 ft
  • Chains, Straps, Tarps available upon request
  • We also handle Oversized Loads!

Hopper Bottom

Hopper Bottom Trailers Available

  • Dry Commodities
  • Specialize in Barge and On Farm Services
  • Tall Side & Standard Hoppers
  • Max Weight: 55,000 lbs


Dry-Van Trailers Available

  • Max Weight: 40,000 lbs
  • 53ft long, 8ft wide
  • Partial and Full Load Options

Contract Fuel Buying

Tank Supply & Fuel Delivery

Serving Callaway, Franklin, Gasconade, Jefferson, Lincoln, Montgomery, Pike, St. Charles, St. Louis, Warren Counties

We can supply tanks.

We offer contract buying to lock in fuel price for the year.

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